Troshing at Dentill

Experience a bygone era in action

As modern farming equipment gets bigger and increasingly driven by new technology, Dentill provides the perfect opportunity to wind back the clock and explore what it was like to work the land in times gone by. The site is a hive of activity, with the sounds and smells of diesel, petrol and paraffin providing an evocative atmosphere. The pace of operations is steady so the working machines can safely be watched from close quarters and for an even closer look there are plenty of static vintage and classic vehicles. A troshin' display gives an insight into the hard, physical work needed for a team to bring in the harvest and is the perfect illustration of how much farming practice has changed in a relatively short time whilst its core principles remain the same.

Dentill 2019

Held on Sunday 1st September was hailed by all as a great success

In perfect weather, a record attendance of over 1,500 enjoyed the large number of working and static tractors, vintage cars, craft and trade stalls plus working demonstrations of troshin', timber sawing and land drainage.

None of this would have been possible without the support of too many people to mention individually. Thank you. However we are particularly grateful to Malcolm Skinner for providing such a fantastic venue.
Tractors at Dentill 2019
Classic vehicles at Dentill 2019

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